Tapping: EFT for Self Help


EFT Unleashed, podcasts by EFT Master and developer of Inner RePatterning, Tania A PrinceEFT, tapping is a powerful tool that millions of people around the world use to improve the quality of their life. My guest on this show, Sue Beer talks about the benefits of EFT and why it is the perfect tool for self help. She also talks about when you should consult a therapist and the best way to learn it to get the maximum benefits.

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EFT and Infertility


EFT Unleashed, podcasts by EFT Master and developer of Inner RePatterning, Tania A PrinceFor many of us having a baby can bring tremendous joy into our lives. There are however many people who struggle to get pregnant. For many no obvious physical cause can explain why they cannot conceive. Emma Roberts an EFT Founding Master has extensive experience working in the area of infertility. She has worked with both men and women helping them overcome their blocks to conceiving. In this interview Emma gives some practical tips and also identifies the type of issues that can block the body’s ability to become pregnant. The issues that when resolved by using EFT can make a profound change in how the body functions.

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EFT and Moms in Business Blocks


Running a business can be a challenge. Having children, being a mom and running a business can be an even bigger challenge. My guest in this show Saffron de Menezes talks about the work she has done helping moms overcome these challenges. She talks about how to deal with practical issues such as lack of […]

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EFT and Rebirthing


Our birth can be a pivotal moment in our life. Many births are highly traumatic; it can have a lasting subtle impact on our life. We also inherit a lot of traits and beliefs from our parents and ancestors, some of which serve us and some don’t. All can have a profound effect on our […]

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Eliminating the Blocks to Love using EFT


Love is one of the most powerful, life enhancing emotions experienced by human beings. But for many people love is missing from their life. My guest in this podcast is Maureen Fearon who specialises in helping people to discover love. In the interview Maureen talks about the common blocks and beliefs that stop people in […]

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How EFT can be used to help with Cancer Treatment

Emma Roberts

Interview with Emma Roberts from the EFT Centre by Tania A Prince. Emma is an expert in the use of EFT with Cancer. She is the author of a leading book that deals with the emotional aspects of cancer using EFT. The interview discusses how Emma has used EFT to deal with the symptoms of conventional cancer therapy. We also talk […]

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Horses Energy Connection with Emma Bailey

Emma Bailey talks about how Inner RePatterning has helped horse riders improve their riding abilities. She also talks about the riders energy connection with the

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Ancestor Doom

Many problems run through the family line. We often inherit the issues that affect us in life, for example we might be shy. This may be a family trait. Jaqui Crooks talks Tania A Prince about how EFT can be used to deal with these inherited problems.

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EFT and Fear of Making A Mistake

EFT Master Ann Ross

Fear of making mistakes can be the root of many problems, including procrastination, lack of success, panic attacks and many more. Ann Ross, talks about where this fear comes from and about how EFT can be used

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Autism and Inner RePatterning

Co developer of Inner RePatterning

EFT Master Tania A Prince interview with June K Spencer on her work using Inner RePatterning with Autism. Autism can be a difficult issue to work with. In this interview June K Spencer discusses the work she has done with children diagnosed with autism using a new mindfulness approach. She is currently conducting research on […]

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