About Tania

Tania is an EFT Founding Master, one of only 29 in the world. She has over twelve years experience training people in EFT. She has also worked with thousands of clients. She runs one of the longest established EFT Training schools in the world.

Tania is also a regular speaker at EFT Conferences since 2006. She also presented and organized the 2009, EFT Worldwide Masterlass Conference in 2009, in Manchester, England. As a trainer in NLP she also presented at the NLP Conference in London 2011.

Tania is a leading innovator in the field of Energy Therapy. She is the developer of Inner RePatterning, her co-developer June K Spencer. She also created the Deep State RePatterning approach.

Tania has twenty years experience working in the psychotherapy field. She is trained in hypno-psychotherapy, counselling, NLP, TAT, Timeline Therapy and BSFF. As well as being a trainer in EFT and Inner RePatterning, she is also a trainer in hypnotherapy and NLP.

With a background in show business, Tania’s trainings are renowned for the humor and fun that she brings to the events.

Tania specialises in working with building ultimate confidence, abundance and creating businesses and marketing. Tania also has an interest in music, she has produced three songs, which feature Tasha Leigh and Shannon Goode as lead singers.