EFT and Moms in Business Blocks

EFT Unleashed, podcasts by EFT Master and developer of Inner RePatterning, Tania A PrinceRunning a business can be a challenge. Having children, being a mom and running a business can be an even bigger challenge. My guest in this show Saffron de Menezes talks about the work she has done helping moms overcome these challenges. She talks about how to deal with practical issues such as lack of time. She also takes us through an EFT tapping script for dealing with one of the biggest common blocks that many moms face, needing to do things “the right way”; a block that if left untreated can lead to procrastination and stress.

saffronGuest: Saffron de Menezes, EFT Advanced Practitioner

Website: www.saffrondemenezes.com

The Healing Clinic: www.thehealingclinic.co.uk

About: We often hear leading business figures tell us how the single biggest factor in the success of our endeavours is our mindset and yet we rarely take time out to examine what we believe about our business and how this might be affecting it.

Since becoming a mum, Saffron has run a number of businesses both successful and less successful! From dressmaking to designing knitting patterns to writing CVs, Saffron’s diverse experience highlighted the impact of mindset on our ability to reach our goals. This has given her a unique insight into the challenges faced by mums in business and the barriers that can hold us back.

More recently she has applied EFT with numerous mums in business and has discovered that what we think holds us back is very rarely the real issue. Although we believe, almost across the board, that our biggest challenges are time management, childcare and other practical matters, our real barriers are often psychological.

Uncovering and addressing these barriers with EFT allows us to move forward with much greater ease and confidence, enabling us to achieve the success we desire no matter the field we work in.

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