EFT and Purpose, Passion and Power

EFT Unleashed, podcasts by EFT Master and developer of Inner RePatterning, Tania A PrinceThis interview with EFT Founding Master, Andy Bryce talks about his work helping people regain their passion, purpose and power in life. He talks about how your values can conflict and lead to procrastination and being stuck in your life. He also talks about the impact of shame how it can restrict us in life especially in intimate relationships.

Guest: Andy Bryce, EFT Founding Master, Therapist, Trainer

Website: www.tappingthrough.com
Email: andy@tappingthrough.com

About: Andy Bryce is an EFT Founding Master and Trainer. He is a Family Realignment specialist, PET Practitioner and mBIT coach.

Information on Andy can be found at his website.

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