Essential Things Every EFT Practitioner Should Know Before Working with Veterans

EFT Unleashed, podcasts by EFT Master and developer of Inner RePatterning, Tania A PrinceThere is no doubt the impact that war can have on soldiers. When they return home many still carry the traumas they have experienced, the impact of which can have a devastating effect on their lives and those around them. My guest in this show is an expert in the field of working with war veterans. In this interview she explains how important it is to understand the mindset of military personnel before attempting to work with them. She explains how resiliency is a key rule which soldiers live by and how therapists need to respect and understand the impact of this as regards to therapy. She also goes through how she works with the veterans using EFT. This is advanced work.

Guest: Ingrid Dinter, Accredited EFT Master Trainer, Therapist and Author

About: Ingrid Dinter is an accredited EFT Master Trainer, with over 15 years of experience in EFT. As the daughter of a WW2 POW, it is her passion to help veterans and their families heal from the trauma of war. Her personal experience in working with veterans, as well as countless specialized trainings in veteran related issues have helped her gain the ability to communicate necessary insights into military culture with lay people and healing professionals.

Ingrid has authored or co-authored numerous books, research studies and articles, including “EFT for PTSD” by Gary Craig, and “Working with Military Service Members and Veterans – A field report of Obstacles and Opportunities” Energy Psychology 1:1, November 2009. She participated in the documentary “Operation: Emotional Freedom” with Gary Craig, and has published numerous articles, podcasts, Ingrid is registered as an alternative provider with the NH board for mental health. The board has no oversight over her practice

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