Working with Trauma

EFT Unleashed, podcasts by EFT Master and developer of Inner RePatterning, Tania A PrinceTrauma can have a devastating impact on our emotional and physical health. EFT is a powerful tool when it comes to freeing us from the grip of trauma and abuse. My guest on this show is Sophia Cayer and expert in this field. In this interview she talks about the work she did helping a wheel chair bound client who went on to regain his physical health. She talks about the impact of mini and major trauma, about empowering children using EFT etc

Guest:Sophia Cayer, EFT Founding Master, Therapist, Trainer and Author


About: Sophia is an EFT Founding Master. She is a trainer in EFT who specializes in Trauma and abuse. She is the author of the book, EFT Language. She is also a conference speaker. Sophia is also an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church since 1996.

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